Thursday, November 6, 2014

Elephant Art by Elephants

It is often said that reality is more amazing than fantasy. There is one instance in which we here at Gifts With a Cause believe that to be absolutely true. Behold, the elephant. It is one of the most majestic and unique creatures that our planet has to offer and while we cannot personally attest to the claim that they never forget and while they certainly cannot fly by flapping their ears, what they can do is equally incredible.

Certain elephants can, with a little bit of training, create beautiful paintings. Slowly and solemnly swaying their trunks this way and that with a paint brush nestled at the end of their snout, they bring an image to life. Stroke by deft stroke, a beautiful flower, or even an elephant – a self-portrait, perhaps – begins to take shape on the canvas.

Where does such inspiration come from? Getting into the mind of an elephant is something that we cannot do but we know that they are intelligent animals with an affinity for music and the fragrance of flowers. We know that they are not alone in performing rituals under the morning sun, beneath a full moon, and when they are close to death. The Roman writer Claudius Aelianus, who claims to have seen an elephant write Latin letters on a tablet, goes so far as to call anyone who says these animals have no feelings, a fool.

Having a work of art by an elephant on the wall is as close as one can come to a connection with these solemn animals, an appreciation of their massive intellect. When you find the elephant painting that you love at Gifts With a Cause, you will be helping to sustain the life of that particular elephant artist along with many other elephants, as proceeds from your purchase goes toward running and maintaining an elephant conservation camp in Thailand. So it works out perfectly for everyone, just like a fantasy, only a little better.


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