Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How to Make a Wooden Cross

Here at Gifts With a Cause we get inspired by our many artisans that we work with from across the globe. If you too are looking for a new project or a handmade gift you can create yourself, we have a project for you. Worldwide, a wooden cross is something often made and used as a gift to share a feeling of devotion with others. Knowing how to make a wooden cross can be as simple as taking two sticks and joining them together in the middle with some string or twine to form something primitive yet definitely recognizable for what it is. These types of crosses have long been used in funeral practices or to serve as grave markers.
While the primitive-looking cross may have some decorative appeal, a more finished example can also be made without too much material or knowledge required. First, you need two pieces of whatever type of wood is desired, one about two-thirds the length of the other. When fastened together in a perpendicular configuration, the lengths of the top, left and right-hand sections should be equal, with the lower part approximately 1-1/2 times the length of these.

While crosses can be made using rounded wood, typically they're fashioned using flat wooden pieces. Once you've decided on the size you want, cut the pieces accordingly and lay the longer piece down on your workspace vertically with the shorter piece horizontally on top of it. The horizontal piece should be placed so that the left and right sides are equal in length when measured from the vertical piece and put on the vertical axis so the left, right and top portions are equal in length, with the bottom somewhat longer. There are no exact measurements. Just use whatever looks best to you.

You can finish the wood surfaces by sanding, varnishing or painting. When attaching the two perpendicular pieces together, you may do it with the short crosspiece sitting atop the vertical piece or carve notches in the square formed by the two pieces so the cross lies flat. Join them with four screws, one in each corner of the square, and then cover with tightly crisscrossed twine or cord.

How to make a wooden cross necklace is the exact same process, only on a smaller scale. You may choose to use glue instead of screws, and when done, a small hole drilled in the top can be used to attach a neck chain or cord.

Still a little overwhelmed? Don't worry; If you prefer not to make your own Cross Necklace, consider the beautiful Fair Trade Beaded Cross Necklace at Gifts With a Cause.


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