Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Product Spotlight: Java Super Soft Cotton Scarf-Lime

Seasons change but there are some fashion accessories that never go out of style. Many commonly make the association between scarves and winter weather, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The java super soft cotton scarf is a perfect example of a scarf that can be worn throughout any season.

Breathable Design
This light scarf is made of 100 percent light weight green cotton. The airy material and vibrant lime color allows you to add it to any spring time attire without overheating or looking like you’re bundled up for the winter. The scarf was also designed to be breathable with checker board style holes that are perfect to let in that springtime breeze.

A Scarf with a Cause

Since the company is a Fair Trade Federation member, it works directly with artisans in developing countries to help them market their handmade crafts and earn a sustainable income. Each item has an artisan tag to recognize the crafter; this particular scarf was made in Indonesia by a woman named Java who works to provide a better life for her family.

Accentuate Your Outfit
On top of being a product that supports a great cause, the green cotton scarf is an accessory that will add that extra something to any outfit. Pair it with dark solids and neutrals, like black, navy, grey or white to really accentuate the color of the bright scarf and make it pop. Match with any piece that uses this same shade of green to highlight the instances of the color in any type of print. The opportunities to pair this with other pieces is endless.

The stylish design and bold color choice takes this scarf from being an accessory for utility to a true fashion scarf staple. If you’re looking to add a daring piece to bring a fun, spring feel to your wardrobe, the java super soft cotton scarf is the perfect accessory to bid farewell to winter and adapt your style for warmer weather.


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